Who watches France 2 overseas and why? comments are welcome

Who watches France 2 overseas i,e not in France “whit minimal/tech house playing in 5.1,6.1,10.1 Surround Sound ..nowadays…right?

Keira Knightley … Coco Mademoiselle – Chanel

Madame Figago.fr women of February 2012

Today on Madame Figor,fr ❤ ever since we can remember… Fans For Charity loves Madame Figaro ever since we can remember. Les femmes de février En France et aux quatre coins du monde… Galerie de portraits

The hidden meaning of Paris metro(politan) stations

  In the mid-90s, photographer janol Apin to staging the name of the Parisian subway stations with humor and imagination   Au milieu des années 90, le photographe Janol Api  à  mise en scène le nom des stations du métro Parisien avec humour et imagination.   Stations Names in Paris   My Bucket   The station is named after the village of Monceau which was a small town in the fifteenth century. The Parc Monceau with the same nameis an … Continue reading

La Place Les Invalides, Paris France

If you dont know about this place , now you know N**** , to be honest i dont know you should just dream about going to Paris and make it happen. Visit la place des Invalides, U dig? by El General