Whitney Houston Leaves Her Entire Everything to Daughter Bobbi Kristina

Somebody as an Angel watching over here all the times. In her will , Whitney Houston leaves all of of her $ aka Fortune, papers, dineros, houses… to her daughter Bobbi – Kristina. The 19-page document also states that Whitney’s mom Cissy Houston is the executor of the will, while her brother Michael and sister-in-law Donna are trustees. Although her ex-husband Bobby … Continue reading

Charity Profile February 2012: DKMS Americas

The DKMS mission:   is to save lives by recruiting bone marrow donors for blood cancer patients. DKMS is the largest bone marrow donor center in the world. Khatarina Harf, the COO and founder of DKMS was only 14 when her mother passed away due to blood cancer (leukemia/lymphomia) Katharina’s mother’s death shaped her life in … Continue reading

As of Feb. 21 please go directly to http://Fansforcharity.com

Change the world … with a smile

Do You Remember August 2011 Help Save East Africa

What Happened Again, with Help Save East Africa Charity/Celebrities venture in Agust 0f 2011 ?? Sorry I Forgot . Would Sombenody please reminds me thanx…. 🙂   Celebrities Beyoncé Knowles Annie Lennox Sting Bob Marley Lady Gaga Justin Bieber Eminem Rihanna Britney Spears David Beckham U2 Kanye West Madonna Jennifer Lopez Muhammad Ali Coldplay Elton … Continue reading

Not by waiting, but by doing

Not by waiting, but by doing…. The problem is these people are procrastinating their dream. They may say they’re waiting or resting or whatever, but I don’t buy it. They’re wasting their life—at least part of it….continues