Marie Claire and Glam Dandy

Marie Claire offer Two Years subscribtion for $10. Isnt nice, makes you feel like at the doctor office in your home.

Jessica Alba is a distinctive Woman at World Summit 2012

Joining in on the Women in the World Summit festivities, Jessica Alba was in attendance for the 3rd annual Diane Von Furstenberg awards in New York City on Friday night

Bugatti Veyron 2012 Geneva Auto Show: I Lover U Pt 1.

Bugatti states that the Grand Sport Vitesse is the most powerful production roadster of all time, and once this thing hits the street, it’ll surely be the fastest, too.

Whitney Houston Leaves Her Entire Everything to Daughter Bobbi Kristina

Somebody as an Angel watching over here all the times. In her will , Whitney Houston leaves all of of her $ aka Fortune, papers, dineros, houses… to her daughter Bobbi – Kristina. The 19-page document also states that Whitney’s mom Cissy Houston is the executor of the will, while her brother Michael and sister-in-law Donna are trustees. Although her ex-husband Bobby … Continue reading

the US Medical system sux – the Most expensive medical procedures

Heart problems? oh boy! this is going to hurt and probably ruin any 90% of Americans if they have to face this one. at a cost of $787,700