Marie Claire and Glam Dandy

Marie Claire offer Two Years subscribtion for $10. Isnt nice, makes you feel like at the doctor office in your home.

Ugandans react with anger to Kony viral video

Invisible Children’s publicity machine is immense. Aside from the millions of internet users it has reached, and Kony 2012 already being described by some as the most effective viral campaign in history, it must also be the first ever Youtube video to be publicly screened in the northern Ugandan town of Lira.

Jessica Alba is a distinctive Woman at World Summit 2012

Joining in on the Women in the World Summit festivities, Jessica Alba was in attendance for the 3rd annual Diane Von Furstenberg awards in New York City on Friday night

Women in the World Foundation with Angelina Jolie

Leymah Gbowee explained her path to activism by first defining victimhood: “A victim is that person who sits and waits for a knight in shining armor,” she said.

La Place Les Invalides, Paris France

If you dont know about this place , now you know N**** , to be honest i dont know you should just dream about going to Paris and make it happen. Visit la place des Invalides, U dig? by El General