Who watches France 2 overseas and why? comments are welcome

Who watches France 2 overseas i,e not in France “whit minimal/tech house playing in 5.1,6.1,10.1 Surround Sound ..nowadays…right?

Jessica Alba is a distinctive Woman at World Summit 2012

Joining in on the Women in the World Summit festivities, Jessica Alba was in attendance for the 3rd annual Diane Von Furstenberg awards in New York City on Friday night

Be Heard on social media's leading physician voice KevinMD.com

KevinMD.com is the web’s leading social media health platform, with 700,000 monthly page views, and over 100,000 subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and RSS.

End of Life Care part 2. in the final days, hours of life

The following are some of the most common potential problems which can arise in the last days and hours of a patient’s life

the US Medical system sux – the Most expensive medical procedures

Heart problems? oh boy! this is going to hurt and probably ruin any 90% of Americans if they have to face this one. at a cost of $787,700