Michael Jordan number 23 has multiple meaning Infographics

Michael Jordan is the most successful, famous, and enduring basketball player/celebrities of all time. His number Many consider him to be basketball’s greatest of all time. But Jordan’s life is far from an open book. Here’s a look at some facts about Jordan that most people don’t know.       Related articles MJ # 23 … Continue reading

This is like flying

It’s kind of like touching a dream, and just flying like a bird Sounds like a dream come true 😉

The Art of Skiing

Extreme Sports is proposing a mix-up of different ski videospracticed by professionals. Visually impressive, this video serves to highlight the talent of extreme athletes. In video after the jump.

8 Hours in Brooklyn

Sequences of a very beautiful sequences filmed in Brooklyn, inslow motion with Flex Phantom Camera by director JonathanBregel. Produced by Next Level Pictures, on the soundtrack of the group Skream.  

This guy is not afraid of the cold

Andy Hurdman is a professional Wakeboarding. UpDown Productions invites us to discover the talent of this sport in the middle of Alaska. The result is gorgeous video with the landscapes of incredible beauty