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Is it necessary for a doctor to examine you on each visit?. A tug-of-war is going on in medicine right now between the past and the future. The present is confused and very unsure of itself. Though I could be writing about health care in the U.S and the looming Supreme Court battle over the new health care law, I’m actually raising a much more intimate issue: Whether […]

End of Life Care part 2. in the final days, hours of life

The following are some of the most common potential problems which can arise in the last days and hours of a patient’s life

How To: deal with end of life care

DNR does not mean do not treat and it does not mean do not care. It just means do not resuscitate by giving CPR, electric shocks or medications to restart the heart.

the US Medical system sux – the Most expensive medical procedures

Heart problems? oh boy! this is going to hurt and probably ruin any 90% of Americans if they have to face this one. at a cost of $787,700

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