Whitney Houston Leaves Her Entire Everything to Daughter Bobbi Kristina

Somebody as an Angel watching over here all the times. In her will , Whitney Houston leaves all of of her $ aka Fortune, papers, dineros, houses… to her daughter Bobbi – Kristina. The 19-page document also states that Whitney’s mom Cissy Houston is the executor of the will, while her brother Michael and sister-in-law Donna are trustees. Although her ex-husband Bobby … Continue reading

The date stump paint

BERLIN – Artist Pietrella Federico was born in Rome and lives and works in Berlin. Here are his series of canvases painted with a simple date stump rubber.

Illustrate the exclamation, oh shit !!

A series of illustrations graphic minimalist Safwat Saleem who exemplify the expression “Oh shit “.

Dr House of Salt

A new portrait done in 45 minutes by the artist Bashir Sultani salty thatwe had already done the deed with his portrait of Yoda.

Real or Visual effects

SPAIN – Madrid, By manipulating perspective and inviting bystandersto question their views, the artist Eduardo Relero destabilizes theoccasional passing with his masterpieces.