EVA Air battles flights between JFK vs LAX

EVA Air – the fairly new company that can take you to Cambodia from the US LAX will increase New York JFK and reduces Los Angeles flights service from mid-Jun 2012

As per 23FEB12 GDS timetable and inventory display, EVA Air starting 18JUN12 is introducing 5th weekly service on Taipei Taoyuan – New York JFK route , while reducing Taipei Taoyuan – Los Angeles from 18 to 17 weekly.


Taipei Taoyuan – Los Angeles
Service reduces from 18 to 17 weekly. BR002 on Day 2, BR001 on Day 3 is cancelled
BR012 TPE1840 – 1525LAX 77W D
BR002 TPE1920 – 1605LAX 77W 146
BR016 TPE2355 – 2040LAX 77W D

BR001 LAX0115 – 0600+1TPE 77W x34
BR015 LAX0135 – 0620+1TPE 77W D
BR011 LAX1715 – 2200+1TPE 77W x57

Taipei Taoyuan – New York JFK
From 18JUN12, service operates as NONSTOP in both direction. Currently westbound flight from New York JFK makes a technical stop in Anchorage. This will reduce travel time from 18 to under 16hrs.
BR032 TPE1905 – 2200JFK 77W x57

BR031 JFK2330 – 0300+1ANC0440+1 – 0630+2TPE 77W x257 till 16JUN12
BR031 JFK0145 – 0535+1TPE 77W x16 eff 19JUN12

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