Lexapro soon to be available in Generic “cheaper” same drug. Hoax, Scam or Reality?

As usual SWIM (someone who isnt me) found himself at the counter of Rite Aid for his monthly wait of 2hours plus just to receive his medecine.

All of a sudden something sparks his interest. An Advertisement for Lexapro the anti-depressent drug to treat his depression and level his mood.

(SWIM has been on it for 2 years plus… no big deal, he realized the medecine only do 50% of the job you have to do the other 50%).

SWIM started doing some maths as he was bored to death as there was no attractive or even polite lady Pharmacists to distract a bit 🙂

SWIM doesnt have a health insurance and needs 30 pills of 20mg every morning,

What do you think ?

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