Do you like to work for FREE? I dont. but Apparently SBE wants you to?

Apparently from what the video says , SBE which is a awesome entertainment company in Los Angeles (the city of Angels.. aka Where your dreams go to … fill in the blank).

Not Cool Jack !!! …SMH

So SBE and their folks ‘owns’ the most lavish nightlife in Los Angeles. Unlike our buddy here the poor video maker who likes his job and passionate so much, SBE didnt pay the poor guy for their promo video. … i dont think its true…ummm… but if it is i think im not going to like somebody soon.

  lets think first ok. what do you think?

Because i dont know what LA aka Los Angeles will do without SBE , patients will probably bored to death like Zack Galafaniks and crew, or maybe patrons will Save less water and Spray Less Champagne :  lets ask the guys behind it. Someone do it for me cus im tired @NathanScott or something like that of a clown.

Take A Minute and Read About SBE.    they just rock right?

About: Danny the photog

Hello everyone my name is Daniel Brian Hughes, and i am a Videographer, and Photographer. Our personalities are made up of lots of different things. This is what makes us all unique and that is the essence I hope to invoke in your Videography, and Photography experience. I love how a video or a photo can connect you with people, their stories and surroundings. A single moment can capture your milestones, memories and achievements. It can reflect your life or create something that is quirky and new. My aim is to help capture magical moments that are true to your experiences. I hope my work speaks for its self and that you enjoy it as much as I do.

About sbe – The Talk of the Town and its partners in Lunatic-Seul le crime paie

What do you think ?

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